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Orbit semiconductor Inc. provides semiconductor design and manufacturing services that allows system designers to manage effectively the development and production of ASICs for the communications, consumer, industrial, computing and medical markets. Orbit services allow customers to meet their cost, quantity, delivery, performance and/or packaging objectives. The company emphasizes customer service. Thus it is extremely responsive to customer needs, addressing those needs with maximum flexibility.
Orbit Semi have shipped to Motorola ASIC on PLCC84 PCB adapter
Orbit Semi have developed Adapter board for obsolete 160PQFP
Per customers request it is possible to use Orbit semi many years of FPGA conversion experience to save time and money.
FPGA proven design will convert gate per gate to customer choice of ASIC netlist and will save the verification time.
Input - FPGA Verilog Netlist  Output - ASIC Verilog netlist
 Motorola Reference letter for ASIC to ASIC conversion,  Dated Jan 1st 2010