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Company Profile
Orbit Semiconductor, Inc. is a world-class leader in FPGA conversion.
The Orbit Semiconductor team is a recognized and established player in FPGA to ASIC conversions and in ASIC to ASIC conversions, with a solid experience of thousands of successful conversions in the last 14 years. Orbit specializes in the low-cost, high-volume consumer market and the complementary low-to-medium volume communications, industrial, medical and military markets.
The FPGA to ASIC conversion is a proven path that allows system designers to effectively manage the development and production of ASICs. Orbit services allow customers to meet their cost, quantity, delivery, performance and/or packaging objectives. The company emphasizes customer service. Thus Orbit is extremely responsive to customer needs, addressing those needs with maximum flexibility.
Orbit Added Value
  • Functionality guarantee.
  • Proven path for conversion.
  • Fast cycle time and rapid prototyping.
  • Quick production ramp.
  • Fastest cost-reduction on bill of materials (BOM).
  • Pin-to-pin compatibility – no need for board re layout.
  • Smooth and easy interface with the customer.
  • Flexible approach to unique customer’s needs.
  • Special analog and mixed-signal cells.
  • Very fast modifications per different applications.
  • Relations, logistics, and systems to support high-mix products in Masks / Foundry / Assembly / Test / Q.A. / Shipments.
Orbit Semi - your Preferred ASIC Partner

We are committed to quality and meeting, or even exceeding, our customer’s requirements. We have the recognition and reputation as a very reliable ASIC vendor. We have shipped hundreds of millions $ of units for numerous satisfied customers.

We strive to supply our customers with a product that works first time and meets the customer’s production needs.