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Embedded NVM
Embedded NVM

What is a NVM?

NVM or Non Volatile Memory is one of two types of common memories.

While volatile memories such as RAM (Random Access Memories) lose their stored data when power is disconnected, NVM keeps the data stored within it after power has been cut off. Common types of NVM are flash, like the ones used in mp3 players, mobile phones etc., static RAM commonly used for Scratch pad memory and Temp data storage.

What is an EEPROM?

EEPROM, Electrical Erasable Programmable ROM, is one of the common types of NVM. As its name implies it is possible to erase or write using an electrical current.


  • EEPROM is smaller in size compared to other NVM making it the logical choice for IC embedded NVM.
  • A specific location can be erased or written.
  • No need to remove from the system in order to erase or program.
  • No need for a battery to keep the data stored.


  • Long write/erase cycle time.
  • "Wear out".
Orbit Semiconductor has developed a method that allows instantaneous erase of a specific location and extremely fast write. Orbit Semiconductor has also came up with a solution to dramatically increase the number of write and erase cycles that could be performed.